Desiccant bags DRY-BAG®


Duration of operation up to 90 days


Maximum adsorption capacity up to 70%


As many as 9 sachets of different weights!

DRY-BAG® sachets

DRY-BAG® desiccant bags are a product designed to protect goods and materials from moisture. The bags are filled with impregnated and calcined granulate with a unique composition of clay minerals. It is thanks to their composition that DRY-BAG® sachets effectively absorb water vapor from their surroundings, keeping the moisture level at the desired level.


Desiccant bags DRY-BAG®

Sachets of various sizes designed to absorb moisture during transport, warehousing and storage of goods as well as in many other industrial applications. Depending on the needs, they can be equipped with a hook for fastening.





Environmentally friendly and effective agent for protection against moisture

DRY-BAG® sachets are a solution that guarantees the certainty of protecting goods against moisture, while being safe for the environment and users

  • DRY-BAG® desiccant bags are a product filled with granules with a unique composition of clay minerals impregnated with calcium chloride. The unique composition of the bags provides excellent water adsorption parameters and a long duration of action, effectively reducing the moisture content in its environment. In this way, they maintain the proper level of moisture, preventing the products they protect from absorbing water. Bags with granules (balls) are made of durable and fully dustproof Tyvek® material (for filling weights from 1 to 500 g) and Spunbond non-woven fabric (for filling weights of 1000 and 2000 g). Both the adsorbent and its packaging are made of non-toxic, chemically inert and odorless materials, making DRY-BAG® bags environmentally friendly and safe for people.

    • high adsorption capacity,
    • maintaining a constant level of moisture,
    • adsorption of small amounts of odors, no swelling when saturated with water,
    • long duration of action (up to 90 days),
    • PZH certificate, which confirms the safety for use with food and pharmaceutical products
    • highly durable and dustproof packaging type TYVEK®
  • DRY-BAG® desiccant bags are widely used to protect goods against moisture during transport and storage, as well as in industry to protect equipment and machines during their operation. Thanks to the use of a safe desiccant, DRY-BAG® bags can be successfully used in contact with food and pharmaceutical products.


    DRY-BAG® are used in collective packaging and directly in containers with a drug or supplement, preventing damage to the products and guaranteeing its safe storage.

    Mechanical parts

    Desiccant bags effectively protect metal elements against corrosion, in particular parts for precision equipment, protecting them during storage, transport and operation.


    DRY-BAG® sachets are used to protect moisture-sensitive chemicals during storage and transport, as well as to remove water in chemical processes.

    Food industry

    DRY-BAG® desiccant bags are used in the transport and storage of food products, reducing the level of moisture in their environment, which prevents the formation of mold and the development of bacteria.

    Airline industry

    The aviation industry has one of the most stringent quality requirements for its suppliers. By using DRY-BAG®, you are guaranteed proper protection of goods against moisture, in accordance with the requirements of the industry.

    Maritime transport

    Container desiccant bags solve the problem of moisture in containers during storage and sea transport. DRY-BAG® sachets are an effective protection against the so-called container rain.


    DRY-BAG® desiccant bags are used to protect sensitive materials (including weapons and explosives) used by the military sector.

    Metal products

    DRY-BAG® sachets protect metal materials against corrosion and damage. DRY-BAG® not only protects against water condensation, but also keeps humidity at the right level.

    Car transport

    Shipments during road forwarding are exposed to multiple changes in weather conditions, and thus variable humidity. DRY-BAG® sachets reduce the moisture content of packaging, protecting your goods.

  • Sachet packaging

    The granulate is packed in dust-free Tyvek® packaging (for grammage 1 to 500 g) and spunbond non-woven fabric (for grammage 1000 and 2000 g). Tyvek® and Spunbond materials guarantee full dustproofness and can be used in direct contact with pharmaceutical and food products. The packaging used is heat-sealable and meets the requirements of e.g. in pharmaceuticals and electronics.

    Collective packaging

    Desiccant bags are packaged in collective films protecting against initial adsorption.

    Outer packaging

    Desiccants are packed in cardboard boxes of 2 standard sizes:
    365 x 280 x 165mm.

  • DRY-BAG® desiccant sachets are a product made with the highest quality standards and comply with the requirements of the European Union (2009 / 251 / EC – DMF free; 2002 / 95 / EC – do not exceed RoHS limits). All sachets meet industry standards according to DIN 55473 and MIL-D-3464E. DRY-BAG® moisture absorbers are also completely safe for food and pharmaceutical products, which has been confirmed by the hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene No. B-BŻ-6071-0211/19/C. Thanks to DRY BAG® absorbers, you can be sure that your products are safe and properly protected against moisture!

    Compliance with directives

    • DRY-BAG® desiccant bags are products compliant with the provisions of the European Union Directives:2009/251/EC – DMF free
    • 2002 / 95 / EC – do not exceed RoHS limitsstandards

    DRY-BAG® desiccant bags meet the requirements of the following standards:

    • MIL-D-3464E (US)
    • DIN 55473 (D)


    All of the offered DRY-BAG® bags can be used in direct contact with food and pharmaceutical products, which has been confirmed by the hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene No.: B-BŻ-6071-0211/19/C

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