DRY-CARD drying cards


Maximum moisture capacity up to 50%!

1,2 mm

Maximum moisture capacity up to 50%!

10 cm²

Already 10 cm2 of plate will replace 1 g of silica gel*

*(at 25°C, RH=90%)

Polymer desiccant cards

DRY CARD desiccant cards for use in protecting products against moisture in order to extend their life and protect against damage. The small thickness of the material and the ability to cut elements to any size and shape means that DRY-CARD desiccant cards can be used wherever standard desiccant sachets cannot be used!

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DRY CARD desiccant cards are an innovative drying material with a wide range of applications, especially in situations where standard desiccant sachets cannot be used (e.g. due to lack of space). DRY CARD is a hard and stiff material with a high grammage made of organic non-woven fabric and calcium chloride of quality for applications in direct contact with food. Drying cards have a high adsorption capacity of water vapor from the environment (over 50% of their own weight at RH=90%, 25°C), thanks to which a plate with an area of 10 cm2 is equivalent to 1 g of silica gel.

Name Mass [g] Length [mm] Width [mm]
DC 30×30 ok. 0,65 30 30
DC 50×50 ok. 1,80 50 50
DC 100×100 ok. 7,20 100 100

High water adsorption capacity

DRY CARD dehumidifying cards have an excellent ability to absorb water vapor from their surroundings, even above 50% of their own weight (RH=90%, 25°C).

Easy to use

The desiccant cards are ready to use immediately after taking them out of the packaging and placing them near the products they are supposed to protect. They do not require any additional steps or actions.

Durable and rigid

The tiles are made in the form of hard and rigid elements with a high basis weight, thanks to which they do not undergo accidental deformations during use.

Professional assistance in the selection of adsorbents

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