Container desiccant bags

DRY-BAG® container sachets are a dedicated solution designed to protect materials and goods during container shipping. Equipped with a hook for easy attachment, they allow for quick and easy use.

DRY-BAG® K container desiccant sachets have been designed to protect goods during containerized sea freight. Goods shipped by sea are extremely vulnerable to moisture damage. A common phenomenon in container shipping is “container rain”, which leads to damage to the transported goods. The use of container desiccant bags effectively protects against this phenomenon, and also keeps moisture during transport at the desired level. Filled with a unique blend of mineral sorbents, they guarantee high adsorption capacity and long operation time. The granulate sachets are made of Tyvek® polyolefin fibers (500 g sachets) and Spunbond non-woven fabric (1000 g and 2000 g). The sachet materials used are characterized by very good mechanical strength, protecting against accidental tearing and spilling of the sorbent. The sachets are equipped with hooks for easy attachment inside the container.

Name Fill weight [g] Quantity in a box Length [mm] Width [mm] Thickness [mm] A kind of package
DB K 500 500 20 200 140 35 Tyvek / equipped with a hook for fastening
DB K 1000 1000 10 260 140 50 Spunbond fabric / equipped with a hook for fastening
DB K 2000 2000 6 360 170 60 Spunbond fabric / equipped with a hook for fastening

DRY-BAG® container desiccant bags are a product dedicated to securing goods in shipping using 20- and 40-foot containers. The sachets are equipped with fastening hooks for easy placement in the container. Thanks to the use of efficient drying granules, the product prevents steam condensation and protects against the effect of “container rain”, ensuring the safety of transported goods.

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