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Our solutions protect your products and processes from moisture

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Designed to protect products during transport and storage



Loose/bulk adsorbents supplied in the form of granules of various shapes and forms.


Drying cards

Unique drying materials with a wide range of applications


Safe, efficient,
easy to use

Highly efficient adsorption materials designed to remove moisture in industrial applications, transport and storage of goods. Thanks to a wide range of materials, we are able to provide the right solution for almost any application. They are available in the form of sachets, loose materials (granules) and sheets of various sizes, weights and applications.

Our offer includes:

  • DRY-BAG® and ES sachets – Desiccant bags
  • Industrial adsorbents
  • Drying cards

The right desiccant for every application

Don’t let moisture destroy your stored and transported goods

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Who we are

ABC-Z System EKO is a company that specializes in adsorption technologies and materials. Since 1992, we have been successfully designing, manufacturing and delivering solutions in the field of gas and liquid purification using adsorption methods based on black and white adsorbents. In our projects, we are guided by knowledge and experience, providing our clients with the best solutions. More information on the adsorption topics we carry out can be found on our website at this address.

ABC-Z System EKO

All DRY-BAG® and ES desiccant bags offered by us have a current hygienic certificate of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene, because we care about the safety of your products. We pay attention to the needs of our clients and we change for them.

About us

  • Specialists in their field

    We have been dealing with adsorption technologies since 1992, constantly developing our competences, knowledge and capabilities.

  • Quality and safety

    In order to provide the best solutions for our customers, we regularly certify our products. Quality means safety and certainty

Knowledge, credibility, application

Do you need desiccant products but you don’t know which one will meet your expectations? Contact us and we will help you choose the best solution!

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