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We realize that a transparent view of our operations, systems, processes and products is a requirement of many people today. In this tab we present a wide range of information about how we operate and who we are.

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ABC-Z System Eko is a company with a simple structure. Our driving force is family values. Together, we create a working environment based on trust, partnership and efficiency.

Our team


    He graduated from the Faculty of Automatics and Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice; (Author and co-author of many publications in the field of adsorption technologies; Participant: ASTM International – section ‘D28 Activated Carbon’ and ACS Chemistry for life – section ‘Industrial & Engineering Chemistry’) Privately, a lover of rock climbing.


    She graduated from the Faculty of Production Economics at the Cracow University of Economics (formerly the Academy of Economics).
    Privately, a yoga instructor and lover.


    He graduated from the Faculty of Environmental and Energy Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (He defended his master’s thesis entitled “Research on the adsorption process of pollutants contained in the process gas generated in a fixed bed reactor” obtaining the 2nd place in the competition ‘The Best PROGRES 3 Master Thesis Award 2019’).
    Privately, a lover of chess and squash.

We have been constantly selecting and adapting a new development strategy since 1992. Our capabilities include the ability to combine proven technologies with new, innovative solutions. The foundation of ABC-Z SYSTEM EKO is a sense of responsibility towards the set work standards, co-workers, company goals and customer experience.

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Effective actions begin with the thought of a specific solution, which is why at ABC-Z System EKO we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of adsorption technologies.

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