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We are aware that safe adsorption installations are issues that should be constantly developed and adapted to changes on the market. We advise with a view to effectively solving your problem.

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  • The selection of the appropriate adsorbent for a specific technological process is the most important factor affecting the operation of the adsorption device, its efficiency and operating costs. We distinguish several basic groups of adsorption materials, and each of them is characterized by different physicochemical properties, and thus the possibility of their use. Selection of the appropriate bed material translates into effective and economical operation of the device.

    ABC-Z SYSTEM EKO provides knowledge and experience in choosing the right adsorbent for a specific application. We have a wide range of high-quality industrial adsorbents, therefore we are able to individually select the best solution for the needs of our customers. We work on the basis of real data, developing optimal solutions that will ensure the maintenance of the required operating parameters of the installation while maintaining low operating costs.

  • During operation, adsorbents wear out as a result of filling its internal porous structure with particles of absorbed compounds. The speed of filling the adsorption material depends on many factors, and precise determination of this parameter can be problematic. Incorrect assessment may lead to an increase in operating costs, exceeding design technological parameters, and in extreme cases, damage to the entire installation.

    Replacing the adsorber bed filling at the right time will not only translate into direct savings related to the cost of sorbent replacement, but also indirectly affect the energy consumption of the entire installation (pressure drop in the device).

  • Activated carbon is a good insulator, so it can create an adiabatic heat barrier in the bed, causing local overheating. With inadequate cooling of the bed, these points are potential hotspots. Users are often unaware of the real danger of exothermic reactions on activated carbon. Contractors of adsorption installations design a system for a specific bed filling, the physicochemical parameters of which will ensure safe operation of the installation, however, during the operation of the installation, the bed filling is often changed to an “equivalent” adsorbent. Many suppliers do not inform about the problems of thermal stability of carbon adsorbents, but this parameter is particularly important for facilities with a high fire risk. Incorrectly selected adsorbent and the changing environment of industrial installations may result in unexpected coal bed ignition.

    ABC-Z SYSTEM EKO has extensive experience in the design and operation of adsorption installations. We carry out activities in the field of design support in the field of fire safety of adsorbers with a fixed bed of activated carbon, as well as help with the modernization of existing installations. We advise on the selection of an adsorbent for processes characterized by an increased fire risk. In situations where a fire has occurred, we provide independent advice on determining the causes and possibilities of action in order to prevent a dangerous situation from recurring.

  • We design and manufacture fixed bed activated carbon adsorbers for gas purification. Each time we choose the best solution in terms of technical and financial aspects. We also successfully support industrial partners in the design of adsorption systems.

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