Silica gel SorbGEL 

Silica gel is a group of adsorption materials with exceptional drying properties. They have a highly porous internal structure that allows for effective removal of moisture from the environment.

Silica gel is one of the most commonly used drying materials. It is a highly porous synthetic adsorbent, which is a hydrated form of silicon dioxide SiO2nH2O. Thanks to its developed internal porous structure, it has the ability to absorb moisture from its environment or from the flowing gas. The structure of pores in silica gel is not uniform and their diameter ranges from 2 to 12.5 nm. Thanks to its high water absorption capacity, possibility of repeated use (regeneration) and safety in use, it is one of the most frequently used drying materials.
Silica gel granulate is supplied in the form of spherical or irregular shaped granules of various sizes. Depending on the user’s requirements, it may contain a saturation indicator in its structure, which informs about the consumption of the drying material. Silica gels can be classified according to the type of pore structure as follows:

  • type A (narrow porosity)
  • type B (medium porosity)

High water vapor adsorption capacity

Silica gels are characterized by a high water adsorption capacity, reaching nearly 40% of their weight for type A gel  and 60% for type B gel

Multiple regeneration possible

After saturation with water vapor, silica gel can be thermally regenerated (dried) and reused with a small loss of adsorption capacity.

Long shelf life

Stored in sealed containers in a dry room, it does not lose its properties and can be successfully used after long-term storage.

Non-toxic, odorless and non-corrosive

All of the offered silica gels from the SorbGEL group do not contain any toxic compounds (DMF, cobalt), are odorless and do not cause corrosion.

Wide range of use

Thanks to the wide product group, they can be successfully used in many different process applications.

Easy to use

SorbGEL products are supplied in easy-to-use plastic canisters of 2 and 5 dm3, and plastic and cardboard drums of various capacities, allowing them to be opened and closed many times. The product is ready to use immediately after opening.

SorbGEL silica gel is a highly active adsorbent available in a wide range of products with different properties. Thanks to its high affinity for absorbing water vapor and relatively low operating costs, it is a material widely used in gas drying applications, however, it also has the ability to adsorb other compounds, e.g. C5-C10 hydrocarbons, CO2, sulfur and nitrogen compounds and others. The main applications are:

  • compressed air drying,
  • protection of industrial tank exhausts,
  • gas filtration systems,
  • process gas drying,
  • to protect transformer stations,
  • filling chromatographic columns,
  • protection of goods against moisture,
  • adsorption cooling systems,

The most commonly used in drying processes is type A silica gel, which results from its high water vapor absorption capacity at low relative humidity (RH). However, it should be remembered that each case is individual and the selection of the appropriate adsorbent is crucial for maintaining the desired process parameters while minimizing the costs associated with the operation of technical equipment. Our team has high qualifications and experience in adsorption technologies and will gladly choose the right solution for you (link).

Silica Gel products group

The products family of SorbGEL silica gels is a wide range of adsorption materials with various properties, used in many industries and applications. Choosing the right desiccant will allow for effective protection and safe operation of devices and apparatus.

Silica gel with indicator

These are silica gels containing in their structure an indicator of the level of saturation with water vapor. This indicator allows you to visually visualize the state of use of the desiccant material, thanks to the change in the color of the grains. The change in color informs the user about the need to replace or regenerate the sorbent.


When dry, the gel granules are orange in color. When saturated with water vapor, the granules turn dark green.



When dry, the gel granules are yellow in color. When saturated with water vapor, the granules change color to light blue.


Silica gel without indicator

A group of silica gels that do not contain a water vapor saturation indicator. It is a perfect solution wherever there is no need to visually assess the wear of the drying material.

White Type A

It is a silica gel with a high water vapor absorption capacity, especially in low relative humidity ranges.


White type B

It is a silica gel that, thanks to its open porous structure, has excellent drying performance at high relative humidity values.


FNG (water resistant)

In addition to the properties of ordinary silica gel, FNG has a high resistance to liquid water.


The right material means certainty and safety

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