Container desiccant bags ES Clay

ES Clay desiccants are an effective solution dedicated to protecting goods during container shipping. The sachets are filled with an impregnated and calcined sorbent that adsorbs water vapor from its surroundings. ES Clay sachets are equipped with a hook for easy installation.

ES Clay container desiccant bags are a solution dedicated to sea container shipping. Goods shipped by sea are particularly vulnerable to the destructive effects of moisture. To prevent damage to the transported materials, it is recommended to reduce the water vapor content in the container. For this purpose, ES Clay bags are used, which reduce the water content in their surroundings and maintain humidity at the desired level. ES Clay desiccants have a hook for easy installation inside the container

Name Fill weight [g] Quantity in the package [pcs.] Quantity on a pallet [pcs.] Length [mm] Width [mm]
ES Clay 1000 g 1000 16 1344 250 200

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