Desiccant Bags ES

ES are an effective solution to protect goods against the destructive effects of moisture during shipping and storage. Thanks to ES bags, your products will be safe at every stage of the supply chain.

ES desiccants are products with a wide range of applications both in sea and land transport, storage as well as maintaining controlled humidity in industrial processes. The adsorbent sachets are filled with impregnated and calcined clay with excellent properties of removing water vapor from the environment. The sachets are made of TYVEK® type material and laminated plastic, ensuring dustproofness and high mechanical strength, which prevents accidental tearing

NameFilling weight [g]Quantity in the package [pcs.]Length [mm]Width [mm]
ES 5 g515007544
ES 10 g1084012044
ES 60 g60200100115
ES 100 g100120155115
ES 250 g25046230115
ES 500 g50020230230

Proper protection of goods against moisture is our primary goal!

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