Activated alumina Al2O3

Active alumina is a mineral adsorbent with high porosity and high strength, widely used in gas and liquid drying and purification applications.

Al2O3 active alumina is a mineral adsorbent with high porosity and high strength. It is a material produced by thermal treatment of alumina Al2O3. Thanks to its unique properties, it is widely used in industry for drying gases and liquids, as well as for the removal of other trace impurities. Commercial names of activated alumina include: BASF F-200, AxSorb, SORBEO

Active alumina is a material with high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. It does not swell and is not damaged in contact with liquid water, which allows it to be used in situations where water may condense from the flowing gas. It is a thermally stable material, and its specific internal structure allows the adsorption of various trace impurities. Thanks to its excellent resistance to abrasion and crushing, relatively easy regeneration combined with the possibility of drying to a pressure dew point of at least -40°C, it is widely used in compressed air drying applications.

Active alumina is also a material for use in water and wastewater treatment processes. Active alumina filters are used to remove fluoride, phosphate, arsenic and heavy metals. In particular, it has unique fluoride adsorption properties, both in water treatment and wastewater. Active alumina filters can be operated with and without regeneration.

Abrasion and crush resistance

Activated alumina is an adsorbent characterized by high mechanical resistance to abrasion and crushing, thanks to which it is able to fulfill its functions in demanding conditions of drying process gases, extending its shelf life, allowing work at higher flow rates and pressures. Abrasion resistance also translates into less dust during loading and unloading and minimizes clogging of fittings at the outlet of the adsorber/drying filter.

Thermally stable material

It is a mineral adsorbent with high thermal resistance, allowing it to be used in processes with elevated temperatures

Resistance in contact with liquid water

Activated alumina is an adsorbent resistant to contact with liquid water, so it can be used in applications where water condensation is likely. It is also successfully used as a bed buffer layer, protecting other adsorption materials against the effects of liquid water.

High water adsorption capacity

Active Al2O3 is a material with high porosity and high water vapor adsorption capacity, extending its working time in one adsorption cycle.

Allows adsorption of fluorine and other trace impurities

Activated alumina is an adsorbent characterized by a high specific surface area with a specific structure that allows the removal of various trace impurities, including fluorine compounds. Thanks to this, active alumina, apart from drying processes, is also used, among others, in in water treatment processes.

Possibility of multiple regeneration

Activated alumina is an adsorbent that can be relatively easily regenerated in cold-regenerated (PSA) and external hot-regenerated (TSA) systems. Thanks to the high mechanical strength, multiple adsorption-desorption cycles are possible, extending the life of the product.

Easy to use

SorbAA is supplied in easy-to-use 2 and 5 dm3 plastic canisters and reusable plastic or cardboard drums. The product is ready to use immediately after opening.

Activated alumina, thanks to the specific surface of the internal porous structure, is a material with a wide range of applications in the purification and drying of liquids and gases.

  • in compressed air drying technology,
  • dehumidification of natural gas (LNG, LPG, NG),
  • process gas drying,
  • protection of industrial tank exhausts,
  • removal of residual organic acids from transformer oils and greases,
  • as a catalyst in chemical processes,
  • adsorption of fluorine compounds.

Confidence and safety in adsorption technologies

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