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Industrial adsorbents

Industrial adsorbents are a group of porous adsorption materials supplied in the form of granules of various properties, form and grain size. These are highly effective absorbers with a wide range of applications, available in bulk (loose) form in various packaging sizes tailored to the needs of our customers. Thanks to a wide range of adsorbents and our knowledge and experience in adsorption technologies, we are able to select and deliver the best solutions tailored to your needs.


Industrial adsorbents

Industrial adsorbents are adsorption materials with various physical and chemical characteristics and properties. The variety of materials allows them to be used in different applications while minimizing total operating costs.

Silica gels SorbGEL


Active alumina Al2O3


Molecular Sieve MS


Industrial adsorbents for almost every application.

The wide range of offered adsorbents allows us to match the best solution to a specific application each time, which translates into real benefits for our customers.

  • Industrial adsorbents are highly porous materials with a developed specific surface on which the process of binding molecules, atoms or ions contained in a gas or liquid takes place. Thanks to their unique properties, they allow drying and purification of gases or liquids, as well as they can participate in chemical processes as carriers of catalysts. Some of the adsorbents are used in desiccant sachets (silica gels, mineral clays)

  • Flexible offer

    We provide adsorption granules in a wide range of products for various industries and applications, ensuring deliveries to customers in the amount corresponding to your needs.

    Environmentally friendly

    The granulates offered do not contain hazardous substances (DMF, cobolt) and are RoHS compliant. By using our products, you can be sure of your safety and that of your employees

    High quality

    In our activities, we focus on the quality of materials, because we are aware of the customers’ expectations that the sorbents used provide certainty of operation and repeatability of the results obtained.

    Ease of use

    The supplied materials are packed in hermetically sealed containers, allowing for easy opening and closing during use.

  • Adsorbents are delivered to customers in packages of various sizes, tailored to customer needs. As a standard, the products are packed in tight plastic canisters of various volumes (2-5 dm3), plastic or cardboard barrels with a removable lid (approx. 15 and 25 kg net), steel barrels 200 dm3 or super sacks. Aware of the sensitivity of desiccant adsorption materials to external conditions during storage and transport, our priority is to protect the materials from moisture during packaging, storage and shipment to customers, so that users can be sure that they can always expect reliable and repeatable results.

  • Technical standards
    DIN 55473 / MIL3464E /NFH 0320
    REACH Directive 94/62 CE DMF Kobalt
    Compatible Compatible Compatible 100% free 100% free

Perfectly suited to demanding applications

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