Industrial Active Alumina Adsorption

Industrial Active Alumina

In the article, information about alumina material, its application and damage in crystallographic formation was detected. Adsorption properties and possible to remove improvements were characterized.

Industrial Active Alumina

Aktywny tlenek glinu (activated alumina) is a highly porous adsorbent widely used in industry for drying and purifying gases and liquids. It shows high activity in interaction with polar adsorbents (e.g. water), enabling deep drying of gases to a dew point of -60°C. This adsorbent is characterized by high mechanical and thermal strength, thanks to which it can be regenerated many times and successfully used in TSA and PSA installations. In addition, active alumina is resistant to liquid water, which is its advantage over standard silica gels in this respect.
pochłaniacze wilgoci aktywny tlenek glinu
Aktywny tlenek glinu Al2O3 do osuszania gazów i cieczy

The use of active alumina

Jak już wspomniano powyżej, aktywny tlenek glinu jest świetnym środkiem do osuszania gazów, stanowiącym pośrednie rozwiązanie pomiędzy żelem krzemionkowym i sitami molekularnymi. It has a lower adsorption efficiency than silica gel, but it is more durable and cheaper. A common industrial practice is the construction of multi-bed filters, where active alumina constitutes the first layer of the bed, protecting the remaining layers against the impact of water in the form of drops.
Active alumina is successfully used as a carrier for catalysts or after impregnation to remove specific impurities (e.g. impregnation with KMnO4 to remove ethylene).
The versatility of active alumina does not end with the gas phase. This adsorbent has unique properties of removing fluoride and arsenic from water, which is widely used in the treatment of mains water.pochłaniacze wilgoci silica gel
silica gel moisture absorbers

Crystallographic structure of active alumina

Active alumina is obtained by calcining aluminum hydroxide. Thermal treatment under different conditions leads to the production of different varieties of alumina. Active alumina for industrial applications is most often γ-Al2O3, less often χ-Al2O3.

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