“Container rain” in sea freight Desiccant Bags

“Container rain” in sea freight

The article describes the phenomenon of “container rain” in sea freight and its devastating impact on transported goods. A solution was also presented that will allow for safe transport of goods. Dry-Bag® container desiccant sachets are a dedicated solution for container sea freight.

Container rain is a phenomenon of intense condensation of water inside containers transported by sea. This effect is caused by large temperature fluctuations inside the container, due to changes in climatic zones during shipping, where the air has a higher concentration of moisture than in other places. When the temperature inside the container changes, the relative humidity (φ) changes over a wide range. As the air temperature decreases, the maximum water vapor capacity decreases. When the relative humidity equals 100%, water condenses and begins to condense on the coldest available surface, which in the case of container transport occurs on the walls of the container. The intensity of the condensed water can be so significant that it appears to be raining. Damage to goods due to this phenomenon is considerable. Wet cardboard boxes lose their stiffness and become deformed. Unloading and further transport of such goods is very difficult and affects further damage to the product packaging inside. Exposed goods are subject to the corrosive properties of moisture as well as mold and general deterioration of the products.

To prevent damage to goods by moisture in sea transport, moisture absorbers in sachets can be used, which effectively reduce the moisture content in the container, preventing its condensation. Dry-Bag® container absorbent sachets are a dedicated solution. These sachets effectively protect against this phenomenon, and also keep moisture at the desired level. Filled with a unique blend of mineral sorbents, they guarantee high adsorption capacity and long operation time. The granulate sachets are made of Tyvek® polyolefin fibers (500 g sachets) and Spunbond non-woven fabric (1000 g and 2000 g). The sachet materials used are characterized by very good mechanical strength, protecting against accidental tearing and spilling of the sorbent. The sachets are equipped with hooks for easy attachment inside the container.

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